Kidnapped By One Direction

Kidnapped By One Direction

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Serena Weasley and Latifah Malfoy <3 By hiddenfaces16 Updated Dec 14, 2014

Suddenly, Niall's face lit up with a grin--a very scary, evil grin. "I dare you, Liam Payne, to kidnap one very unsuspecting fan."
Liam Payne is famous for being in the popular British/Irish boy band One Direction. He's known as Daddy Direction and the most responsible in the whole group. So what happens when the rest of the boys get fed up with Liam's uptight ways? 
Why, they play a little game of truth or dare of course...

Enter Megan and Aimee, total BFFs. Aimee is obsessed with One Direction, and Megan seriously thinks they're overrated, but for Aimee, Megan agrees to go to one of their concerts with her.

They didn't expect to be kidnapped by five certain hot and famous boys.
After some truth or dare, a wacky storm and quite a few surprises, someone has to fall in love.
And maybe after this, she won't mind being kidnapped by One Direction anymore...

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Angelspirit04 Angelspirit04 Mar 19, 2017
Zayn: Come to the dark side. We have cookies.
                              Louis: And carrots!
                              Zayn: ...................................................... and carrots.
_shawnswife_ _shawnswife_ Aug 09, 2016
Everyone at school thinks im innocent bc i look innocent but when i say stuff like bītch cūnt )they dont know what it means until i tell them😂) or if i just say bad stuff in general they're just shocked like how shane dawson was when twaimz started rapping that whole verse
ilyLeafy ilyLeafy Jul 15, 2016
The front pages of your pictures..
                              They make you look so small..
                              How could someone ever mislead you at all?
ilyLeafy ilyLeafy Jul 15, 2016
*steals Zaynie the wolf and Nialler the snake, and casually steals Louissa*
_shawnswife_ _shawnswife_ Aug 09, 2016
Id cuss them out in spanish and then he'd probably get bitch slapped but if they were nice then I probably wouldn't mind
ilyLeafy ilyLeafy Jul 15, 2016