Visibility Zero  (Naruto Fanfic) BEING RE-WRITTEN

Visibility Zero (Naruto Fanfic) BEING RE-WRITTEN

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Apricot By iNsANeMaxi Updated Nov 12, 2012

Being able to see is something everybody takes for granted. Imagine being blind, no colours, no details, patterns, shapes. Mei has to live like this because of a violent past. Upon meeting Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke and Sakura, Mei realizes that not everybody in the world is cruel. She comes to like the Hidden Leaf village and the people there. More than anything though, her dream is to see. 

I got this ahem.
                              My likes are stalking sasuke
                               Her hobbies are watching  sasuke take showers and eat
                              And her dream for the future is to have sasuke baby's and restore his clan 
                              You're all welcome
meghamala meghamala Jul 18
Sooooo..........the boy has some social skills instead of a 'hn'
hghnvjjj hghnvjjj Nov 30
What she gon do there admire the smell of a books (in not judging I do that
hghnvjjj hghnvjjj Nov 30
Does her blindfold have magical powers or something like she can see through her blindfold to see outlines like ????????
EmoEden EmoEden Apr 23
Cereals. Tis a beautiful food that is as healthy as eating ur hair. Yep. Idk why I said that. Oh well......
Funny story I imagined the boy to have a cheery voice at first... Gotta change it to deppressing