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Tutor Girl | ✓

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Lacey Matthews is a good girl. 

She never gets into trouble, she has perfect grades, she never breaks the rules, she's clumsy, she's shy and she's terrified of motorcycles.   

Gavin Rinaldi is a bad boy. 

He is always in trouble, his grades are crappy, he always breaks the rules, he has an ego twice the size of Canada, he's rude and he rides a motorcycle.   

They're complete opposites. 

When Lacey discovers she has to tutor Gavin for the rest of the year, she doesn't know how to react. 

All she knows is, she's scared to death of him. 

Gavin and Lacey might be different, but you know what they say. Opposites attract.

(Previously named 'The Bad Boy's Tutor')

Warning: This is a piece of shit. Read at your own risk.

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Replace the “Miss” with “Mr” and the “she” with “he” and it’s Cory and Mr Feeny
I read Meet me in the Hallway at first and I was shooketh for a second
AissatouSabara AissatouSabara Aug 25, 2016
Me when the guy I like doesn't notice me: he must be gay😌
ravioli_is_life_xx ravioli_is_life_xx Nov 21, 2016
Lowkey me...you can trust I would embarrass myself in front of a boy smh 😕
14MidnightAngel 14MidnightAngel Jul 03, 2016
I think it's funny how she is at the top of her class, she is s senior. And she's doing Algebra
GeminiTwins2772 GeminiTwins2772 Jun 27, 2016
Did you go to Melrose primary because that's the principals name?