The Perfect Jade ✔ (Previously The Perfect Imperfection)

The Perfect Jade ✔ (Previously The Perfect Imperfection)

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"As the world fell in love with your smile, I fell in love with your scars."

Life is a constant battle: Jade knows that better than anyone. With her perfect life destroyed by a heart-shattering event, she's left depressed, suicidal and everything in between.

So when a strange man mysteriously appears in her life and saves her from plunging to her death, she's not surprised when he demands something in return. Perfect as they come, he offers her a once in a lifetime experience. She doesn't have an option. She's in it whether she likes it or not.

Add a lovable yet mad scientist to the mix and it's a recipe for chaos.

Or maybe not. Maybe Jade will find what she has been looking for. Maybe she will find a reason to live again. Maybe...she will find love.

Three lives collide, revolving around one standpoint. Who will win and who will lose? Lose their life or lose their heart?

In a thrilling story of love and hate, conflicts arise, between - and within characters - shedding light on the most significant reality of life;

Nothing is perfect.


* 1st Place, Choco Awards
* 1st Place, Flower Awards
* 1st Place, Abyssal Awards
* 1st People's Choice Award, Flower Awards
* 1st Best Plot Award, RYID Awards
* 1st Best Characters, RYID Awards
* 1st Place, Mystical Awards
* 1st Place, Blossom Awards
* 3rd Place, Choas Awards
* 3rd Place, Cognition Awards
* 4th Place, Rising Writer Awards
* Finalist, Silver Awards (ongoing)
* Top 3 Big Dream Awards
* Top 3 Best Cliffhanger Award Aluris Awards
* Honorable mention, Genre Awards
* Ranking #32 in Mystery/Thriller


Warning: The story contains topics such as suicidal intent, rape, trauma, and depression. Read at your own risk. 


Started: 26th February 2018
Completed: 20th May, 2018.

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I feel like all the best writers don't speak English as their first language
I'll try to correct the errors in the nicest way possible. The plots seems interesting nonetheless.
Ginger1101 Ginger1101 May 22
Yo, I edit for really cheap if you need it- 3 bucks every thousand words. But if you know enough languages to have a favorite, god dang you're doing something right XD
WOW....that trailer...had left me dumbfounded and READY TO READ
That’s very impressive. I admit 😦 What’s your secret?
chekitarose chekitarose Aug 23
*whistles* that's a lot of awards.....I'm in for a treat! Let me just get my popcorn!