Paradoxical Romance

Paradoxical Romance

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Faith_Kristen_Amanda By Faith_Kristen_Amanda Updated Apr 19, 2018

"Stay away from me," she pleaded to him, not wanting him to come any closer than he already had. 

"Oh but my darling, I am only just getting started," he said, the words smoothly melting across his velvety lips in a condescending tone that made her want to backhand him even more. 

"What are you going to do?" she asked him, begging for clarity in the impossible situation she was being faced with. 

"But it would ruin all the fun if I told you, now wouldn't it?" he said, the mystery in his tone sending shivers down her spine. 

What had she gotten herself into? But the better question would be: how would she ever survive it?


Lia had never been afraid of much, always living life to its fullest extent, but when a heartbreaking betrayal forces her to re-evaluate her entire outlook on life, her priorities shift drastically. 

Alex was a heartbreaker-always playing the field.  That is, until he met her.  Lia.  She was absolutely breathtaking.  But his heart was torn between his dark desires and a love that would consume them both.

But when a demonic force inside of him causes Lia to make a life altering decision, he is left with a fate he never imagined. 

Ophelia is trapped.  Sucked into a world of perpetual remembrance and the idealism of her own making, she must overcome the beasts imprisoning her own mind. 

Faced with these conflicts, Lia is thrown into a world she never pictured she could play a role in.  She struggles with the overwhelming decisions and ultimatums placed upon her:  either face the damning truth of her past, or live with the consequences of the unknowing faults plagued by her memories.