Art of Deceit ✓

Art of Deceit ✓

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A. By softaura Completed

"His touch tainted the purest side of her."

The taste of red wine still lingering on his lips as he kissed me deeper, holding me captive with his touch.

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                                        - #15 in shortstory]

Inspired by the novel, "Sad Girls"
[storyline is not exact]

AOD x Rose
© 2018 softaura ✓

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0believe0 0believe0 Nov 16
And for others its like that person is just on a vacation. Where your mind knows what happened but your body tells you it isn’t true and they’re still closeby.
Ayyyy one of my favourite authors lol I just read one chapter so far and I already love this book
0believe0 0believe0 Nov 16
Literally anyone who witnessed a death or lost someone close to them.
aspoonoftae aspoonoftae Nov 06
This is what you experience when you walk into a high schools girl's bathroom
I’m here reading this but I wanna recommend a Park Jimin ff. It’s called ‘psychopath’. check it out. There is probably a lot of story with that name but the description includes Jimin as a police and a messaging app.
i finished reading this yesterday and i wanna tell all the new readers how this is honestly such a good book