Hearts and Strings (Sasori Love Story)

Hearts and Strings (Sasori Love Story)

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Ron-chan By Kunoichi101 Completed

“I don’t have any feelings,” he muttered.

“Yes you do,” I said. “You’re not a puppet anymore which means you’re supposed to feel. You’re supposed to love, hate, and other non-explainable things.”

“Love huh?” he snickered. “What does it mean again?”

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_Jadelyne_ _Jadelyne_ Mar 22, 2016
Y do people in fan fiction always have to do that?!? Not to be rude or insult, but it gets old after a while
KawaiiGirlsNeverDie KawaiiGirlsNeverDie Mar 12, 2016
This makes me wander... people complained about Sasori fics coz he didnt have a real... you know D.... but now... *pervy giggle*
Ya' know, don't take this as an insult but  sasori would have gone back to the akatsuki... That or akatsuki would've hunted him down. Just a random comment, but good story!
Megan29Hemmings Megan29Hemmings Nov 22, 2016
You do realize... Sasori is 35... Well alright to the massive age gap
Ulove99 Ulove99 Mar 30, 2016
I Always wished that something like this would happen in the anime I mean I was really depressed when I found out that sasori died, deep inside me really wished to revive sasori ♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪I love it already.
Amthyst_Crow1102 Amthyst_Crow1102 Jul 16, 2016
I feel like she just asked him to come with her for candy like a pedophile would and he excepted like it was nothing. Du fuq?