My Brothers Bestfriend.

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Milly By bubblegum8 Updated 5 years ago
Everything changes when both Kasey and Caleb admit their feelings for one another. All that comes their way constantly is danger and trouble. Bad people, bringing with them bad experiences. With the help of Kasey's older brother and her best friend, they try their hardest to get through it all. But are they strong enough, or will they break?
Hershel Greene, Beth Greene and Maggie Greene (until her and Glenn got married)
oh wow my sister had an old friend with the exact name even spelled with the K lol she had a sister named Shelby Bishop lol they are grown up now though
hahahahah lucky dip lol
                                    this is so british :P 
                                    but that defo made me laugh!
@AlannahDunn Yes and it's amazing, even just holding my bf's hand gives me shocks.
Jw has anyone actually experienced the whole fireworks and electric shocks in love??? It would be really great to know if that's what happens thanks x
Hey there is  girl I think she is kinda copying your stories plot her I'd is smacie04. Its called why do I keep want up with my brothers best friend n my bed