Captive Soul

Captive Soul

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Milo Hart By FuzzySockMonster Completed

"Jake! Stop! Let me go. " I whimpered with wide eyes, feeling the cold metal pressing against my bare skin.  

"you're so easy to tease. I wont slit your throat. we still need you a bit longer." he winked, moving the switchblade away before gently pulling it down my arm.  pain shot through my body as I started to tremble In response. I glanced down at my arm, watching helplessly as the insane psychopath pierced my skin with the tip of the sharp blade.


#9 Mystery and Thriller - 20/11/15
#8 Mystery and Thriller - 29/11/15
#6 Mystery and Thriller - 28/12/15
#3 Mystery and Thriller - 15/01/16

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