Captive Soul

Captive Soul

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Milo Hart By FuzzySockMonster Completed

"Jake! Stop! Let me go. " I whimpered with wide eyes, feeling the cold metal pressing against my bare skin.  

"you're so easy to tease. I wont slit your throat. we still need you a bit longer." he winked, moving the switchblade away before gently pulling it down my arm.  pain shot through my body as I started to tremble In response. I glanced down at my arm, watching helplessly as the insane psychopath pierced my skin with the tip of the sharp blade.


#9 Mystery and Thriller - 20/11/15
#8 Mystery and Thriller - 29/11/15
#6 Mystery and Thriller - 28/12/15
#3 Mystery and Thriller - 15/01/16

Purqle Purqle 3 days ago
Except, my Kaitlyn is a badass blonde who would kick anyone's ass if they hurt a kid or if they hurt someone she cares about.
So-unreal So-unreal Feb 08
I didn't know y'all were grammerly. .......stfu....if you've ever written something you'd know that when the plot pops up in your head and you start typing you make some mistakes which you forget to correct or miss when proof the damn book and shut up
MonaEverest MonaEverest Sep 18, 2016
why would she be saying anything with a switchblade to her neck? who even owns a switchblade?
pluto8489 pluto8489 Feb 11
Except evil gang members and mafia people do it all the time, its called being a criminal
Ria_Jameson Ria_Jameson Jan 04
Who would do that so cruel 馃槹馃槰 馃槺 I 馃挋馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻馃崻
Oh no! HELL TO THE NO!!! You're not f没cking allowed to feel sorry for her when you're the reason she's miserable you f没cking assh么le