And Let Fate Lead You

And Let Fate Lead You

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J K By ShabTuSubah Updated Apr 22, 2015

Marriage at such a young age should have been exciting for a girl like Eira, who is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice and its author, Jane Austen. But, what happens when, instead of the Mr. Darcy she dreamed of, she gets stuck with an average, quiet, and completely tasteless boxer? 

Eira Ismail is only twenty when she is forced to make one of the biggest decisions of her life. She had imagined her Winter Break home from college would be an uneventful one. In fact, she intended to spend as much of it as she could with her family. Instead, she and her close sister, Zara, somehow become involved with the two sons of their parents' dearest friends.

One of them is much like Zara--boisterous, loud, and funny. The other, unlike anyone Eira has ever met. He's nothing like his younger brother or Zara, and definitely nothing like her. While she is clumsy, childish, timid, insecure, and a complete book fanatic, he is mysterious, reserved, and stunningly handsome.

Eira admits she may be attracted to him at first, just a little, but nearly not enough to marry him as her and his parents both suddenly reveal she must. Despite her protests, she is forced into the arrangement and becomes a wife, all in the span of what she had supposed would be a laid-back Winter Break.

Her concept of marriage is turned inside out and rearranged by this distant guy she must now call her husband, who while he remains civil to her, refuses to admit that he loves or has any feelings for her beyond friendliness. Their journey together as a hastily married couple continues to grow even more tense and complicated when a life-threatening event jeopardizes Eira's health and forces her so-called husband to finally evaluate what he feels for her.

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topaz198 topaz198 Mar 26
Ive lost count how many times ove reread this story 😍😍
shane_is_shooketh shane_is_shooketh Apr 04, 2017
Dude pride and prejudice MY LIFE so when I saw that I was like *click*
-ignite- -ignite- Oct 25, 2016
Awwww Look at them complementing each other, just like me and my sis
whitecreamykitty whitecreamykitty Aug 01, 2016
I like the story already!!! It sounds perfect!! 😍😍😘😘❤️❤️
Misty223 Misty223 May 04, 2016
Wow nice start! You have a beautiful way of writing! Im addicted!
laurakristin laurakristin Nov 28, 2016
Most teenagers take a gap year after graduating in germany, is it not common in the u.s., or why is she so surprised?