Unintentionally Yours

Unintentionally Yours

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ridaderebel By ridaderebel Updated Jun 26, 2018

Two brothers had their whole life planned, they had everything money, fame, riches, complete family and love 

but fate had some different  plans for them, what happens when suddenly their family go into crisis, they have no other option but one of the brother should  marry a rich spoiled brat, sacrificing his love and dreams just to keep the family intact.

As usual the elder will be sacrificed. They meet, she fall in love. He is confused, she is ecstatic. He wants to stop the charade, she wants to make him her dream. He can't let his past go, she can't take no for an answer. 

Being naive she forgets people aren't saints, they commit mistakes, they are capable of breaking hearts, they can tear you apart. Blissful ignorance can be your downfall.

finally the day comes, everything is perfect. A well planned fairy tale wedding. A beautiful bride in her white dress waiting for the groom who never came. 

To fix the things younger one should take the place and marry someone who thought is immature, naive and ignorant. The only person he hates to the moon and stars

And so the journey starts, the journey of bitter start, two broken hearts, filled with hate and no hope of love. but there's a thin line between love and hate.

Do they fall for eachother or fall apart?