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The Badass Nerd

The Badass Nerd

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AkaneNguyen By AkaneNguyen Updated May 11, 2015

Julia Roberts, 17 year old badass with a great body. Suspended 5 times, smokes, 7 piercings, and 8 tattoos. She's been nearly arrested multiple times, but has been bailed out by her filthy rich parents. They never even bother to send her to a boarding school because she never comes back obedient. Only worse. Every time she's suspended they have to move to a different location. She starts her 6th school this time, but this year, she decides to dress sort of like a nerd for a couple of days. 

Jake Thompson, 17 year old badass player. The biggest hump and dump player. Plus he never comes back for seconds. He's been in jail once, but the rest of the time his parents bailed him out. And they're rich too, but Julia's family is even more rich. What happens when Julia moves next door to his neighborhood, and he takes interest in her? Read to find out.

Egreeley Egreeley Jul 24, 2016
I'm so doing that at my new school when summers over!❤️👍🏻
Versavage Versavage May 12, 2016
And if you get suspended, it's usually three to five weeks. Like da fuc? It's not like your expelled or anything!
Versavage Versavage May 12, 2016
Bruh, suspended 5 times? That nothin. I've been almost 15 times. Lol, I got my 3rd major infraction today. Not third as in ever, third as in today, like this my 3rd major infraction today...boi was the principal mad at me😂😂
mandy_pandy_2004 mandy_pandy_2004 Jun 30, 2016
I love the cover his shirt says "I <3 " then he points to her
"Suspended 5 time" I been suspended WAY whole lot more times then that boo.
rileycloud rileycloud Sep 12, 2015
I know Jakeee, follow him/me on Instagram.
                              Me: poison.pengey
                              His: stfu.jake