Shattered Memories

Shattered Memories

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A lot can change in two years. You can turn into a nerdy girl to a popular girl. You can turn into an ugly girl to a drop-dead gorgeous girl. And you can also turn into a good girl to a bitchy girl. 

     Survivor of a terrible car accident, seventeen-year-old Autumn Bailey wakes up in the hospital with no memory of the last two years of her life. But a bigger surprise strikes her. She isn’t the nerdy, ugly good girl anymore. She is a popular, drop-dead gorgeous yet bitchy girl. Her used-to-be best friend is still a nerd and now her archenemy. Her so-called best friends are hot and popular as her and her so-called boyfriend is the captain of the football team. Everything is perfect – well, except her “bitch” status. 

     But so far, everything is just the way she wanted it to be. Then comes Xavier Murphy, her boyfriend’s older brother. Autumn never met him in her whole life but he dropped a big bomb on her… and it isn’t good. 

     What will Autumn do? Would she ever remember the last two years that is missing in her life? Would she ever be the same “old” Autumn again? Would she ever change her ways and be the good girl again? 

     Would love come to the rescue when tragedy strikes?

  • accident
  • amnesia
  • answers
  • attic
  • autumn
  • bailey
  • beach
  • birthday
  • blackmail
  • boyfriend
  • claire
  • convincing
  • drama
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  • epilogue
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  • guilty
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  • humor
  • kelly
  • kidnap
  • kiss
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  • lost
  • love
  • memory
  • missing
  • murphy
  • night
  • olive
  • parents
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  • prom
  • questions
  • remember
  • romance
  • sandor
  • secrets
  • summer
  • swimsuit
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  • xavier
tearbender tearbender Mar 10, 2013
Eeep! This is awesome! :P I feel sorry for Sandor already :( Autumn seems like a real..... erm... snob so far, but I'm sure she'll change :D