Cherie Red | ongoing

Cherie Red | ongoing

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KLARA, DARLING By klarasofe Updated Oct 31, 2018

❝the prom queen is a darling with a crown made of blood❞
Britney Raynott has had two lives. 

The one before her brother went missing, at the beginning of the school year, and the life she now lives. One was full of laughter, big hoodies, and a navigational schedule. The other is full of cruel glances, tight jeans, and an overwhelming schedule.

Britney Raynott is hiding secrets.

From her parents, from the authorities, from her friends, from herself. Nightmares haunt her, full of whispers and screams, and she holds onto the hope that what she remembers is not true. Life is unfolding before her, secrets in every syllable she speaks.

Britney Raynott has no clue what happened... even though she remembers it.
[ formerly known as 'The Prom Queen ]

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