Dodged a bullet •jkxbts•

Dodged a bullet •jkxbts•

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~kookoo~ By powerpuffggukie Completed

"Pabo... Your such a pabo." 


"I told you to stay behind me but you didn't and n-now your shot."

"But I had to protect you hyung it's okay"

"No. now we have to protect you baby and we won't let anything happen to you."

But who knew what would happen next would be worse than a gun shot. 

If only they protected their kookie more maybe he'd be okay.

             Highest ranking- #3 yoonkook

- lots of angst 
-self harm
-happy ending;)
-stalker alert
-rape+ sexual harassment (i do not support this story is about healing)
-boyxboy (more like jungkookxbts)

     started : 02-23-18
     ended: 08-25-18