Obsession (Black Hat x Reader)

Obsession (Black Hat x Reader)

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(Y/n) was a simplistic girl living in a town full of abnormal things which consists of heroes and villains.

Her parents always kept her out of harms sight along with her little sister and two older cousins. They kept her at home, only letting her leave when it was something important. Though it ticked her off, (y/n) and her sisters never minded knowing that their parents want the best for them.

What happens when she gets caught in a fight with her family? She sneaks out for fresh air at night. One of her worst mistake of life. She gets in trouble but somehow escapes.

On that night, a certain villain saw her escaping and he was interested in her.

His only motive: To get (y/n) no matter what. 

He wants her to be his and only his and that's what he did, he took her away from her everything, her family, her friends and her life.

How will (y/n) cope with this? What will happen to her in future? 

Well, my dear readers, only destiny and fate will reveal her future which may or may not be bright.

I don't own Villainous or you.

I own the plot and added characters.

Profanity warning.

(The circumstances may get yandere, just a warning)

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