Science Fiction: In the future there is the City. A hedonistic world where humankind's every whim and need is catered for by the Mind, the super computer that controls every aspect of day to day life. The human mind is a far more complex thing than even the Mind can anticipate though. What happens when the human mind evolves to a point far beyond what is considered 'normal'? What happens if the elements themselves are bent to the whim of one man who has lost everything he cares for? Love. Logic. Reality. Which is more real?
Kinda like "Read Red Read" - "Past Color Present". English can be real confusing at times...
that had "led" to...  This is a common error that I notice all the time on Wattpad.  The sound is the same as the metal lead but in the verb it would sound like "leeed"; present tense.
so creepy I'm listening the music playlist for random shuffle
I liked it, it was kind of cheddar, :/. but i'd give it 4 stars out of five. ;)
@RobynKoshel - thank you Robyn, glad you enjoyed it. You should know to stick with your friendly neighborhood simian =]
I've only just read the first part of this highly original and fascinating story as yet, I am intrigued, and cannot wait to find out where you will lead us in this futuristic scape of vast imaginings! Really have enjoyed this write!