Suicide Letter...

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Gemma, couldn't take it any longer. In this Letter, there's emocians, anger, and feelings...
omg.... im just... wow.. *speechless* 
                                    i like just cried my eyes out.
@meggzz please dont try to.. Your parents love you, you are loved even if you don't think you are..
@LukeCastellanLover  Why would you want to? You have a greater purpose in this world. So please don't. I'm begging you!! Don't!
I thought she said she was "fat". Then why was she skinny? Good writing btw. :)
Though this made me sad, I can't deny the fact that this is nicely penned. Good job.
Oh, my... It's so... sad (Wow! I think I almost cried (I usually never cry - aka not emotional))