Foreplay [Saruhiko Fushimi] LEMON

Foreplay [Saruhiko Fushimi] LEMON

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fushimikat By fushimikat Updated Mar 22, 2014

You'd lost yourself.

You'd allowed your instinctive guard to drop; allowed both your physical and mental capabilities to dull down into a low and useless amount of comprehension over this current situation. To put such an endless stream of worries, questions, and mixed thoughts into a way that you could wrap your mind around- it was simply impossible. So much was conflicting with your scales of purity and common sense; there was no time to create a lengthy explication of your predicament.

However, you realized- albeit your mind was in a scramble- a few things. 

One; from your ankles to the area above your waist, there was a sharp pain that resembled a cramp, although this 'cramp' was much more painful than the average one. It ravaged around your thighs, progressively growing weaker the further from that area that it traveled.

Two; this room was not your own, nor was it a room you'd ever found yourself to be familiar with. It was completely and utterly unknown to you. 

The whole sp...

Kyorimatsu Kyorimatsu Jan 10
You're not my dad! You can't tell me what to do!! Hmph! (>~<.)
red3679 red3679 Jan 06, 2016
Well I definitely know now what happened Ama just go know okay okay