what mateS?? (boyxboyxgirl)

what mateS?? (boyxboyxgirl)

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''You're ours." They whispered in my ear. I swallowed. "But.. But.." "No buts little mate." Daniël said as I felt his lips move to mine.  And next thing I know his sexy lips covered mine while Jack was kissing my neck. Without wanting to I moaned. I felt them smile against my skin. All I could think was 'Ughh I am so screwed.'

Hi I am Lana. And I am an werewolf yes a werewolf. But I am not your typical werewolf I am not beautiful or special. Because I am an omega. It's the lowest of the lowest in our pack all I do is cleaning and listening to orders. There are 3 rules for an omega : don't ever ignore orders, stay under the radar and never never never get in touch with the alpha, beta and third in command.

Read It!! plzz!! (#85 in werewolf which I think is amazing and a wonder!!)

Kay328 Kay328 Dec 12, 2016
I die reading these comments 😂😂😂 but seriously even i would have booked it, and i know im an extremely slow runner
itzbabym itzbabym Dec 31, 2016
Why run when we both know they are going to catch up to you??
so the beta sister or sister in law why didnt you just say that
tehya96 tehya96 Oct 17, 2016
Damn I would book it so fast you'd think my ass was on fire and I was in need of water
EG_DOLAN EG_DOLAN Dec 04, 2016
Bish this just reminds me of two guy I like and like me but we can't go out
lizzie22000 lizzie22000 Jan 03
damn that wattpad logo is prettier than i'll ever be 😍😍