Fated (Derek Hale/Teen Wolf) [ON HOLD]

Fated (Derek Hale/Teen Wolf) [ON HOLD]

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Alayna By WolfAura Updated Oct 12, 2015

Fire was what started it all. The flames ripped through and tore everything apart in it's path. The smoke would forever cloud my life. The burns would never heal. The scars, too deep to fade.  

Three years ago, a fire destroyed the lives of two best friends: Derek Hale and Alaina Weston. When the fire claims the lives of Derek's family and the life of his best friend, Derek leaves town with his sister and never looks back.        

But now, three years later, Derek is back in Beacon Hills to avenge the death of his sister, Laura, who was murdered and used as bait to catch him. Little does he know, there is a surprise waiting for him and it's about to change his life forever.

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_Stiles24_ _Stiles24_ Jun 06, 2017
I remember everything from the first meeting of Derek Hale "Dude that was Derek Hale his family burned to death in a fire like 10 years ago"
_Stiles24_ _Stiles24_ Jun 06, 2017
I never see you anymore come out the door it's like you've gone away we used to be best buddies but now we're not I wish you would tell me why!?
Amazinggirl55 Amazinggirl55 Sep 30, 2017
Can I ask you all a question? Why do you have to take your earrings off to fight? I mean, I'm a girl, and I never take my earrings off, and I can fight just fine.
alecswoody alecswoody Apr 05, 2016
I saw the trailer for this on YouTube and it made me very interested!!! Ur vid was amazing👏👏👏
brokengrimes brokengrimes Jul 26, 2016
WAIT 11 YEAR OLDS ARE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL? I thought that was fifth grade lmao. Literally didnt mean to put that in caps it wont turn off. Oh.
darlingwut darlingwut Apr 28, 2016
thats really nice, not every teen wolf story should follow the story line of the show!