A Day To Be Remembered... [Arshi] ✔

A Day To Be Remembered... [Arshi] ✔

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Important days always happen in everyone's life. But days that will be etched into our memory are only some.

The day's residing in our memory doesn't have to be good all the time, they can be bad too.

Here is a day that is important for three persons all together. 

Events took place.....

It made some one happy....

Then it caused some one pleasure.....

Don't blame if it made some one angry.....

This is about a day which held importance in three lives.

What is the story, will be revealed in three different voices. 

Every voice has it's own story and something new to share.

So guys, fasten your belts and get ready to face the mess of the three lives.

🤗🤗 Cover Credit: @SnowSpringBud aka Myself 🤗🤗