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Inevibility (Watty awards 2011)

Inevibility (Watty awards 2011)

1K Reads 25 Votes 21 Part Story
Starryskyzxx By Starryskyzxx Updated Mar 31, 2011

Can you fight the inevibility of a situation you have no control over?

Starryskyzxx Starryskyzxx Feb 25, 2011
@jareththegoblinking Thankyou i really loved your story too, keep it up and write more, i've put it in my library so i can keep going back to read more lol
jareththegoblinking jareththegoblinking Feb 25, 2011
Wow I love it please please carry on! You've drip fed us info and I just wanna know more! Thanks for checking out my story too xx
Starryskyzxx Starryskyzxx Feb 23, 2011
omg! it was really late at night when i wrote this, and i wen through it to check for spelling mistakes, but i must have missed some.
                              thankyou for picking up on them and telling me!
Starryskyzxx Starryskyzxx Feb 22, 2011
@trishthewriter thankyou for your comment!
                              i will read and comment on your work as soon as possible xx
trishthewriter trishthewriter Feb 22, 2011
Another good chapter. There a few spelling errors you'll want to correct so your comment board isn't littered with that suggestion. You want readers to focus on your story and not your mechanics. Voted and am moving on to read the next chapter. 
trishthewriter trishthewriter Feb 22, 2011
Very good beginning. You've set up the scene well without giving too much away. I voted.