Run Alpha Run

Run Alpha Run

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Megan By meg1661 Updated May 26, 2016

"Put that down before you put hurt yourself alpha," I smirked at him, but I felt a searing pain in my chest where my heart is. I thought my mate would mend my heart like it was never destroyed in the past, but I was wrong. Let me tell you some facts. 

He is holding a gun at me. I'm not human. I'm half werewolf, half vampire. My parents are hybrids too. If they are alive that is. The alpha in front of me has them in his basement, locked up, like lab rats and instead of tests, it's torture. Testing them, finding out how else we can be killed. I'm going to save them. 

Alright now you need to know my history for this relation between us to work. 
I have a story we keep secret. I'm royalty. I should be in charge. In control. The idiot in front of me thinks his men killed the princess but kept the king and queen. I don't think so buddy. 

"I Destiny Darkhollow, granddaughter of King George Darkhollow, next in line for the thrown of supernaturals, reject you, Alpha Derek Dawnson as my mate." He fell onto his knees and dropped the gun in his hand.

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Readeraas Readeraas May 19, 2015
The force is strong in this one. The book symbolizes my error and vampire speed it's quite amazing if I do say so myself. Hey maybe I'll get my favorite tooth that had a call over it in wolf form my family symbols.
Blame5sosFeels17 Blame5sosFeels17 May 09, 2015
Ugh why couldn't you of killed a human. leaVE ThE ANImALs alONe