Respectfully Rose (Letters Of Change Series Book 7)(COMPLETED)(Wattys2014)

Respectfully Rose (Letters Of Change Series Book 7)(COMPLETED)(Wattys2014)

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K.C. Goodwin By Kassilassie Updated Oct 02, 2014

Isaac reread the letter shocked at its contents. 

Dear Mr. Wade, 

You’ve no doubt heard of Lorraine’s betrayal by now. I want you to know I am deeply sorry for her thoughtlessness, having grown up with Lorraine I am well aware of the pain she can put people through without a second thought. 
I am writing to propose that you and I wed. It’ll save my family’s reputation and embarrassment. Now I realize my father most likely said you had to, but you do not. If you do not want to marry me I understand. I will be getting ready in the next room it is to your right… I propose if you want to go through with this knock twice on the wall… if you don’t knock once- I will deal with my family just as I always have if your choice is to knock once. 
Again I am sincerely sorry for the pain my sister has caused you. I am sure that this is just as shocking to you as it is to me. 


He remembered Rose well from the one time he had met her, she was good friends with his cousin Ginny. He remembered her telling every one of her travels. She was so unlike her sister and he was amazed the two were related. Lorraine had left him a letter as well, if one could even call it that- it was only one line- I do not love you and I am sorry. 

Those nine words written in her hand had cut like a knife and to find out that she had left him for another hurt all the more. He looked up at his older brother Gideon and handed him the two letters. Rose was sincere and he didn’t want the Watson’s laughed out of Denver, they were high society and it was one of the things her family cared about most.

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duchessdome duchessdome Sep 30, 2016
am so excited right now for your books I just love how quaint and lively they are..
movinmum98 movinmum98 Oct 13, 2014
What happened to the twins born after Daisy....Hope and Hannah, you haven't mentioned them in character references for a few books. Also Finn, the adopted brother, seems to have disappeared
KarenFox0 KarenFox0 Apr 01, 2014
Is this the last of the letter of change series? What about Gidean? You know, I think that things like this really did happen in those days! You are  a very good writer ad I believe you will go far!
KatieKahler KatieKahler Mar 28, 2014
I love how you write the same 'scene' from a different characters view and feelings. you are such a good writer!
whoresthetically whoresthetically Mar 25, 2014
@CreamedLatte to @Kassilassie - your right. I just don't understand how you can rememember all this characters.
zimtwo zimtwo Mar 23, 2014
Aah ok. Because it said updated today.i guess i got confused. Thanks.