Hardly a Lady

Hardly a Lady

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BarneysCrew By BarneysCrew Updated Apr 30, 2016

Lady Giselle DeBault is the only child of an exiled Lord, whose family once sat upon the throne of Helixonia until they were thrown aside by the current monarchs - the Decristos.     

Pretty, smart and brave, Giselle has been brought up by her parents to hate the Decristos for what they did to them.  But now that's all about to change.            

In one final attempt to stop an all-out war between the two families, King Magnys Decristo orders the marriage of his son Prince Wilson to the richest and most eligible lady in the land - a criteria that Giselle unfortunately fits.
With no choice but to leave the her family home and travel to the capital to meet her Prince, Giselle is terrified. Her entire life, she's been taught that the Decristos are barbarians who deserve nothing more than for each and every one of them to be annihilated. Now, she's going to become one of them.
Before long, Giselle begins to find herself questioning everything she thought she knew, whilst trying to handle a husband who doesn't want her and a handsome guard who definitely does. 

Why were her family overthrown in the first place?

What if your allegiance can change...?

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