It's his lost, not mine.

It's his lost, not mine.

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Knight_14!!!^_^ By SheilaBasquial Updated Jul 17, 2014

A whole family for my daughter was all i wanted, a father who would always be there for her. i wanted to her to feel a love of a father, i want her to feel what i didn't feel. That's all i want, is that so hard to ask?!

"I'm sorry Stace. I just can't be a father" Was the last thing Stace heard from Rick Carson, a popular Artist/actor.

having her heart shattered, she went to Paris with her unborn child, to start a new life. Leaving what happened in the past, forgetting the man who abandoned them.

She thought she can never love again, she thought no one can accept who she is and her daughter, Tracy.  

Heart beat skipping a beat, butterflies in her stomach, was what she felt when she meet a photographer named Marco Aldred who accepted them both.

Helping her raise Tracy, and taking the responsibility of Rick, Marco became Tracy's new father. Stace finally got her wish, a loving father for Tracy. But secrets can never be kept forever. Tracy already knows Marco is not her father, and whenever she ask her mother who is her real father, she just smiles at her. Not wanting to recall the past.

Wanting to forget him, wanting to erase him from her mind. How can she do that? when every time she looks into her daughter's eyes, she sees her blue eyes, the eyes of her father.

What if, Tracy accidentally meet her real father?
what would Stace do?
Will she tell him the truth?
Or will she hide Tracy from him?

Does Rick love her?
What will he do if he knows Stace is about to get married?

one thing's for sure, it's his lost not mine, he just lost a beautiful daughter

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Beautiful_Dirty_Rich Beautiful_Dirty_Rich Oct 27, 2017
Shouldn't the title of this be "his loss, not mine"  not ' lost '
27Neverland 27Neverland Jul 11, 2015
I am in tears I feel bad for Stace Rick reminds me of my real dad. 
                              he didn't want me either but I don't care anymore.