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Darkest_Rose By Darkest_Rose Completed

Standing on the path, my life flashed before my eyes. The gun directed at me, went off. I could see the flash and the bullet coming straight for me, but I'm  frozen to the spot I'm standing, unable to move or think clearly. It only registered with me that the bullet pierced my skin when my body impacted on the cold wet cement. Lying there I could hear my heartbeat slow as my blood flowed from my body. That's when I heard it, footsteps getting closer til a man face appeared in front of me. But my vision is too blurry to see him clearly. That' s when he spoke,

"You will be reborn. I'm giving you a second chance.You are not my beloved so you will wake up a soulless killer with no remorse and a burning desire for blood. I can't give you a normal life but I'm giving you the chance for revenge. I can't tell you what to expect because I don't know myself. I have no idea why I'm changing you but something is telling me it is not you're time to die" 
I had no idea what he' s talking about, well not til I woke up. That night Ivy died and what was reborn is something dark and dangerous. He was right, I am a soulless monster. I have no remorse for the blood I shed. Not when it gets me closer to having my revenge.

Shadowrealm15 Shadowrealm15 Jul 08, 2016
Lol like Dean from supernatural in the first season 💀😁
Mysterious_Assassin Mysterious_Assassin Dec 19, 2016
Why!!!!!!! Some books make me feel good about my height, others make me feel sad!! I can't choose and be happy!!!!
KNielsen601 KNielsen601 Feb 08, 2016
Literally think that I'm in love with this book, this makes the 3rd time I'm reading's cool though!!! 😄
How do you walk in 5in hills, when I can barely walk in 2in hills
Bxtch-Please Bxtch-Please Mar 13, 2016
I don't know how many times I've read this book amongst the authors other stories but I'm obsessed with her stories for being sooooo good.
DemPlotTwists DemPlotTwists Sep 16, 2015
wut is going on? Keith??? crazy guys in house??? SOMEONES GOT APOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO