The Feral Rule.

The Feral Rule.

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S.M.K By saoigreen Completed

In a world ruled by the Supernatural, there is no tolerance for traitors. 

Charlie is just that.

A Lycan who has turned her back on her own kind and joined the resistance to fight for the rights of the human race - a species that are seen as little more than animals.  She knew the risks and she paid them. 

When the chance comes to acquire a treaty, Charlie jumps at the offer. This offer brings her face to face with the man she has been bitterly fighting for years- a man whose soul  was bound to hers from birth. A Lycan determined to prove that fate did not make a mistake by pairing them.

But there is more than hatred between two species going on - a new trouble, a terrible darkness is brewing in the West and it's going to destroy everything.

  • death
  • fated
  • hate
  • love
  • mate
  • monster
  • murder
  • silver
  • soul-mate
  • war