The Feral Rule.

The Feral Rule.

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In a world ruled by the Supernatural, there is no tolerance for traitors. 

Charlie is just that.

A Lycan who has turned her back on her own kind and joined the resistance to fight for the rights of the human race - a species that are seen as little more than animals.  She knew the risks and she paid them. 

When the chance comes to acquire a treaty, Charlie jumps at the offer. This offer brings her face to face with the man she has been bitterly fighting for years- a man whose soul  was bound to hers from birth. A Lycan determined to prove that fate did not make a mistake by pairing them.

But there is more than hatred between two species going on - a new trouble, a terrible darkness is brewing in the West and it's going to destroy everything.

  • death
  • fated
  • hate
  • love
  • mate
  • monster
  • murder
  • silver
  • soul-mate
  • war
madalex22 madalex22 Mar 15, 2016
They helped put a bomb sweetie, they probably know that there were children in there and they did it anyway
RebelBless RebelBless Mar 19, 2016
am i the only one who's wondering why he had a necklace in the first place, like ?
RebelliousWinter RebelliousWinter Mar 19, 2016
Man... I'm sort of conflicted right now... I want to be angry at the lycan's for there lack of mercy toward's the human's, but I'm also horrified that the human's would do such a thing... They probably knew their would be children there but they did it anyway...
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 21, 2015
Crazy good! Glad I found this. There's so much here. Incredible work.
KrystalDarkness KrystalDarkness Oct 07, 2015
So far the it was very interesting. Although I'm still getting used to the wolves being ruthless and shît cause normally that doesn't happen in other werewolf books, they normally fight rogues, but this is very interesting. I wonder if the boy is her mate :3
diane1362 diane1362 Mar 22, 2014
I can't wait to see what makes her decide to help the humans and will the boy she just saved be the one she fights later.