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Story of a Girl

Story of a Girl

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Samantha By StayyBeautiful Updated Jul 26, 2013

He charged at the man as fast as he could, fist in the air. I heard the cock of what I thought was a gun followed by a loud boom. I screamed and ran towards Toby to see if it was him that fired, or was fired at. I saw him doubled over, hands on his stomach. He slowly turned around and faced me. His tan skin was now pale white and lifeless. I looked at his hands that were on his stomach. Dark liquid was seeping through his fingers and I knew he didn’t fire that gun.
"No..." I whispered.
"Sapphire..." Toby whispered back. 
He reached out for me then fell to his knees in front of me. He took one last, breath, closed his eyes, and then fell back. I screamed once more, drowning out the laugh of the man that had just killed my brother.

I used to have it good. Well, as good as it could get for a little kid. My parents loved me, I had an amazing older brother. I was happy. But that all changed when my brother and I were ripped away in the middle of the night from our parents. Now I'm stuck here with our bad excuse for an adoptive mom, Rita. My brother, Toby, moved out as soon as he got his diploma in his hands. He felt bad for leaving me behind but I insisted he go live with his friend Mike. He promised he would come back for me when I graduated. So I'm just trying to get through my last two years of high school with my best friend Ariel while trying to avoid the Barbie doll that is Sarah. There's this new guy at school, his name is Alex. I don't really want anything to do with him but he won't leave me alone. Sure, he's sweet but I just want to focus on getting out of here. But his chocolate brown eyes get me every time........ 
Toby's promise was broken the night he was murdered. Now it's up to me to figure out who killed him and why.

"This is a story of a girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world....and while she looked so sad in photographs I absolutely love her, when she smiles."

cover by Raven0884 (:

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Kitykat_rawr Kitykat_rawr Nov 28, 2014
Hey I eat a lot like 24/7 lucky me I have 4 other brothers to share food with 
                              NOTE THE FRIGGEN SARCASM
laurenpass laurenpass Mar 24, 2013
This was really good... And just wanted to put it out there that my English teacher last year wrote "Absolutely" (;
StayyBeautiful StayyBeautiful Jan 03, 2013
@musicluvr101 Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! That means a lot <33
- - Jan 03, 2013
this is so amazing! it captured me from the first page and that rarely happens to me with stories on wattpad surprisingly. never stop writing! i can already tell that u r and awesome writer!
                              <3 ~Sarah~
StayyBeautiful StayyBeautiful Nov 20, 2012
                              As long as she stands there waiting
                              Wearing the holes in the soles of her shoes
                              Now how many days disappear
                              When you look in the mirror
                              So how do you choose
ifyouwanna ifyouwanna Nov 20, 2012
Now how many days in a year
                              She woke up with hope
                              But she only found tears
                              And I can be so insincere
                              Making her promises never for real