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16 Reads 0 Votes 15 Part Story
Barbara E. Hunt By barbarahunt963 Completed

Confiscated video games and a missing boy: Can a delinquent teenager and an aging psychic bring him home alive?

When 14 year-old Dane Pritchett's parents fear for his safety and confiscate his video games, he disappears. Police turn to a reclusive psychic and her delinquent teenaged assistant to track the boy hoping that he's not at the bottom of a nearby lake. Visions, instincts and investigation lead from small town to big city; over borders and cross-country. The psychic's visions place the boy underwater while surveillance footage follows his journey to Las Vegas. Can this rag-tag bunch of sleuths find one boy in a city of girls, gaming and glowing neon before visions become reality?

  • boymeetsworld
  • missing
  • psychic-abilities
  • teenfiction
  • videogames