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Hoodie x Masky (Creepypasta Smut Fanfic)

Hoodie x Masky (Creepypasta Smut Fanfic)

126K Reads 1.9K Votes 6 Part Story
Yaoi Retreat By YaoiRetreat Completed

This is shameless, badly written, shitty smut fan fiction for Masky and Hoodie from CreepyPasta. 

Go to my account if you want more (better) BoyxBoy fanfiction.

Skycak1 Skycak1 Jan 09
Me:Slendy can I get a few copies.
                              Slendy:Sure! *hands me 50 copies*
                              Me:YAY!!!*rolls around in the pictures*
_Sorry_Not_Sorry _Sorry_Not_Sorry Dec 30, 2016
Bish get yo nasty ass a room!
                              Hoodie: –_–
                              Me: Oh! Right sorry!
Alex: Oh, what's tha- oh my god..........My eyes need to be bleached.
                              Sm: So will everyone elses.
DevilishSpringRoll02 DevilishSpringRoll02 Dec 11, 2016
This gave me major second hand embarrassment, but I still loved the story!
xBloodCoveredRosesx xBloodCoveredRosesx Nov 21, 2016
Im reading this downstairs... Where my step dad is playing video games. AND IM SITTING HERE FANGIRLING
perfessional-fangirl perfessional-fangirl Nov 02, 2016