Accidentally In Love ~A Niam Love Story~

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Niall Horan is the only openly gay guy in his school. Liam Payne is one half of the school's alpha couple, and him and his friends make it their job to make Niall's life a living hell. But when a prank backfires--the results leave Liam with something he never expected. Love.
I slapped my friend with a wooden one, and left a huge bruise on his hand
My friend, and I were called the dynamic duo cause we would get in soo much trouble. plus we pranked one of our classmates so hard that it resulted in my friend getting a weeks worth of lunch dentition, and one in school. I tried coming forward in my part, but he told me to shut the hell up
Is it bad that my friends come up, and they look at my tablet, and say. Damn it more Niam Fan Fiction. Cause my best friend in high school would always say that playfully cause she knows Niam Fan Fiction means I shut the world out. Anyways the point of it I'm like Louis
I think people alway say straight as ruler to inform us that they are gay. I mean come on, rulers are bendable too, I have one I slap my friends with it all the time.
The friendly vibe has been swept out the door along with Liam's, Zayn's and Harry's innocence.
Shes not a b¡tch you obviously just heard her say your the dog.