The Dream Parade (Part One) - [Updated Regularly]

The Dream Parade (Part One) - [Updated Regularly]

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C.S. Knight By CSKnight Updated May 05, 2019

In a world ruled by science, humanity has lost touch with the ideals of the world we know. A century on from the global religious war that has made Earth's surface uninhabitable, art, religion, human rights and the principle of personal choice no longer exist. Scientists have created a safe, perfect network of cities underground. They call it the New World. Quantum technology determines citizens' health, reproduction, and function within society. Knowledge of the Old World is nearly extinct. Only a small number of cyborgs, persecuted by the New World Government, can recall the history of humanity. They are the Brain Chippers and their stories bring death and destruction to those who dare to listen.

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Due to some issues with the storyline that can't easily be fixed, the novel is being substantially re-written and I will revise and continue to publish the rest of the novel (part one) on Wattpad. Updates on the 5th and 25th of every month. 

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