The It Factor

The It Factor

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Sammie By XxSwimmer_ChickxX Completed

The It Factor is a popular TV show that features young talent in their quest to become a star.  When Serenity Davis moves to Maryland, she never imagined that someday she would be featured on that show.  In fact, until she meets Kyle Jones, she would never sing a note in front of people.  But, he brings her out of her shell and even convinces her to join his band, Silent City, as their new lead singer.  Somehow, someway, she finds herself standing on the huge stage in front of The It Factor judges.  Why had she agreed to this?  A few months ago she never even sang in front of people!  One things for sure, they're in it to win it.  But can they come out on top?


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Published 6/9/12
Completed 6/6/13

ForesttDemons ForesttDemons Jan 05, 2016 12:12AM
Just dropped in to say that Hayley Williams is on your story cover and I love it.
Chocobumble Chocobumble Jan 04, 2014 06:36PM
I love this start. So confusing yet gives you enough information that you get turned away. I can't wait to tea more.
Sophia_Heart Sophia_Heart Jun 09, 2012 04:17PM
This is a really descriptive and engaging prologue! It does exactly what its supposed to - it draws readers in! Awesome job :) Voted.
Topazzle Topazzle Jun 04, 2012 09:22PM
This is great, but the first sentence is present tense and then the rest in that paragraph are past. Try to keep the same tense. I really like it!
AnDiMaRiE AnDiMaRiE Jun 03, 2012 05:07AM
I loved it already and will be reading the first chapter tomorrow :D Awsome work!
@sophiabelle Thank you! I'm so glad you like it enough to read more!