The Bad Boy's Target

The Bad Boy's Target

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paranoiaex By paranoiaex Updated Dec 23, 2014

"Jealous princess? If you wanted to to get close to me, all you had to do was ask," he whispered.
"I'm not jealous. Bad boys who act like arrogant assholes have never been my type," I replied.
 He just chuckled, "Oh but princess, every girl falls for the bad boy." 
Then he started to lean his face into mine while moving his hands to my waist. I panicked and did the first thing that came to mind.. I shoved his chest really hard, catching him off guard. and quickly gathered my books and started fast-walking away.
Jayden didn't run after me but I did hear him say, "You can't avoid me Natalie. I want you, and I will have you."

Natalie Williams is not your average teenager. She is the quiet girl who doesn't mind fading in the back. That is, until she meets Jayden Reid, the school's well-know bad boy. He is a player, a fighter, and the hottest guy at Jackson High. Jayden Reid's motto is to "do and dump" girls every chance you get and only follow one rule:NEVER fall in love. But what happens when Jayden Reid meets Natalie Williams and he decides he has to have her? Could Natalie be the one to change the player's game?
Follow Natalie and Jayden through their journey of sexual tension, outrageous fights, touching moments, and dark pasts that could not only ruin their relationship but also their lives.

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For real why can’t there be guys at my school like that 😕
ZXAnimeGirl ZXAnimeGirl Jun 30, 2016
I see you don't have a very strong will power 😂😂😂😂..😚😏
converse_life converse_life Feb 10, 2016
omg your amazing even for my first book it doesnt sound as good as yours