||| Helping Hands ||| [Sebastian x reader]

||| Helping Hands ||| [Sebastian x reader]

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You're a half demon and a half human. You quit your job as a maid at the Trancy manor, and now you're trying your best to survive on the streets. You've spent almost all your life being a maid just only to have a place to live. 

That's when a demon butler, Sebastian, saved you by recruiting you to be a maid in the Phantomhive manor.
You thought you're tired for being a maid, but you're wrong. Being a maid at the Phantomhive manor is different. While Sebastian's trying to you get out from your darkest past, you ended up falling for him. What will you do if Sebastian tries to help you move on from your past? Will you let him?

I don't own Black Butler and any of the characters, only some characters that I made. 
I'm writing for Fun (and cause I'm out of Sebastianxreader fanfics)
I hope you enjoy!!

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we use a nice set of cotton candles here in hell, please start thinking or a more suitable place, like the Trancy manor
knuklehead7 knuklehead7 Oct 28
i gotta say, part of that shocked me for a second there coz i actually am 23
Woo! This chapter was really good! Your English is good too!