bite me; vminkook [18]

bite me; vminkook [18]

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aaliyah By imsojimiful Completed

"I-I'm not an omega!" He clattered, his whole body shuddering. "I don't know why you keep saying that.." His eyes lidded over until they were shut tightly.


Kim Taehyung, an alpha who hates omegas, is suddenly dipped head first into helping Jimin, an omega who swears he's a beta, when the naive boy goes into his first ever heat. Meanwhile, Jeon Jeongguk has a special eye on the omega through different channels and with different intentions. Things get a bit dramatic when Jeongguk's ex-lover, Taehyung, falls for his future, unknowing, mate, Jimin.

This story will be an actual three way love between the maknae line, enjoy.

This fic is inspired by the webcomic Love is an Allusion by Fargo, please do read it. It's only inspired by it, it doesn't follow the exact plot or endings.

 © aaliyah / imsojimiful

[ lowercase intended ]
[ 4/16/18 to 9/16/18 ]
[ cover art by me ]

• not my best work, but enjoy.
• smut (like in the first chapters + lots more b/c inconsistent heat and rut)
• strong language
• sexual language
• harassment
• mpreg
• poly relationship (equal sharing of love)
• this isn't my favourite thing I've written, so beware it's a little bad
[ if you are uncomfortable with any of the following please read this with caution. ]

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  • adaption
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