Possessive alpha & rebellious girl

Possessive alpha & rebellious girl

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BlackSwans By BlackSwans Updated Feb 18, 2014

Lianna is the complete opposite of a girl. She's rebellious and a member of a gang. When her mother finally gets enough;she's shipped of to her father's place.Where she meets Jason the mysterious boxer and very good looking guy. But she also gets strange feelings towards him that she can't seem to control which aggravates her.

Her father is a boxing trainer and a man who has neglected her , her whole life. She's not too happy about that. But gets suprised over the new world that she's thrown into and now also apart of. But she comes to wonder if her father really trains ordinary boxers or is there more than he's letting on.

Welcome to Lianna's life where crazy people consist of and belives in werewolfs, Alphas, betas  ,mating bonds and revealed dirty secrets and very hot looking guys.

  • family
  • father
  • friends
  • hotties
  • love
  • mate
  • mother
sammineill sammineill Dec 04, 2017
If there is any bloody nugisunais here imma become a banshee and scream them so hard they are gonna go to fricken narnia
Morghan_0140 Morghan_0140 Jun 21, 2017
So you're saying......... she's a man....... PLOT TWIST BÏTCH
Morghan_0140 Morghan_0140 Jun 21, 2017
I'm going to punch this Bïtch is he don't shut his damn mouth
Opal_Flames Opal_Flames Nov 02, 2012
Plz continue writing! It sounds amazing, and I can't wait for future updates!
BlackSwans BlackSwans Oct 21, 2012
@XxLonexLovexX Thank u :) I need criticism. English isn't my first language unfortunately. And I love to develop. I think I should get an editor. I haven't had time to edit myself because I wasn't sure if I was going to continue with this story.
TiffyFluff TiffyFluff Oct 21, 2012
A bit of constructive criticism:
                              Use more descriptive words. It has a great plot, but its rather bland. 
                              "I screamed "RUN FIRE!!!"
                              This is too... bland. And really just bad English.
                              Consider going back over it edit in some more descriptive words.