My Alpha (ManxBoy)

My Alpha (ManxBoy)

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The Beyond By ImperfectionSmiles Completed

Book 1

Chase an alpha of Blue Winter Pack cant seem to find his mate. Countless girls after girls but none of them are it. What will he do? An alpha cant rule with out a mate.

Ryder, a fraggle white wolf. baby to a litter of 5 and the last white wolf left. Alpha's son at Black River Pack. He's gotta protective family and a feisty attitude but shy when you first meet him.

Will Chase find his mate? Whats so special about a white wolf?

Drama, Love, etc.
Mpreg. Sexual Content. Smut. BoyxBoy

  • alpha
  • boyxboy
  • love
  • mpreg
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Ok i can was a magical potato.....yeah..... that's it.
Ah .... okay then we're doing this *cracks knuckles and continues scrolling*
Guuuys  why are you all angry? He's a werewolf. Werewolves have hightened emotions, including when they're. horny.
SugaryMD SugaryMD Sep 26
If my little brother would say that to me. HAHAHA wouldve punched him in the troath
ScytheHaven ScytheHaven Oct 15
Please, I've read a book that started with, "All I wanted was a sandwich."
Ok when some one says NO you do not force them to drink the tea!