My Alpha (ManxBoy)

My Alpha (ManxBoy)

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The Beyond By ImperfectionSmiles Completed

Book 1

Chase an alpha of Blue Winter Pack cant seem to find his mate. Countless girls after girls but none of them are it. What will he do? An alpha cant rule with out a mate.

Ryder, a fraggle white wolf. baby to a litter of 5 and the last white wolf left. Alpha's son at Black River Pack. He's gotta protective family and a feisty attitude but shy when you first meet him.

Will Chase find his mate? Whats so special about a white wolf?

Drama, Love, etc.
Mpreg. Sexual Content. Smut. BoyxBoy

LexiLex22 LexiLex22 Nov 21, 2016
Well damn, what a great beginning. looking forward to more smut!!
YannaLovez YannaLovez Jul 31, 2016
He needs to find his chill no one wanted to know all that hontey
iFifty iFifty Jun 29, 2016
*coughs uncomfortably* Well this is.... Gosh so much unneeded info ._.
_TheQueenoftheWorld_ _TheQueenoftheWorld_ Jun 15, 2016
We learned in Literary Class that when you write a story, you need to start it off with something that will grab the reader's attention. I think you have accomplished that quite well. Well done, Author-San.
Jarlogic_ Jarlogic_ Sep 09, 2016
I'm liking this so far :P, but maybe go through and edit it bc some of the I's are lower case (when it's like "i did ___" vs "I did ___) also just other grammatical errors
-inamorato -inamorato Jun 26, 2016
This is so diffrent usually it will start off with the 2 cliché things: 
                              1) the alpha mate having sex
                              2) or the omega talking about how he is saving himself
                              ... Boring