Assassin's Creed Chronos_Retribution

Assassin's Creed Chronos_Retribution

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Catherine thought she would live happily ever after with her family now that the Clock was destroyed and Rodrigo no longer a threat, but the Borgia are more tenacious and cruel than she realized. Her fight isn't over, but the odds are stacked against her. In a city ruled by the iron fist of their enemies, Catherine must face not only face the Templars, but also herself. EzioxOC

My fans spoke, and I answered. Here is the sequel to Chronos. I didn't include this in the prequel due to the nature of this part of her life. Namely, because it doesn't involve the Clock. Not directly. This is a story about a young woman fighting to save her family. She's going to suffer some dark times, and it's going to challenge her relationship with Ezio in a very different way than before.

As such, this story is going to involve some more mature themes. Some pretty dark scenes are going to happen or be alluded to, so here's your main warning. I'll try to warm ahead of chapters I feel may be particularly dark, but just know it's a darker tone over all (and also mature language).

As usual, if you see any mistakes, please let me know! Editing is never 100% full proof, so I appreciate the help (sometimes my fingers/brain don't communicate well :()  And don't be afraid to comment or share your opinion! I love hearing from y'all will do my best to reply to all your comments. :)

Updates will be whenever I finish a new chapter, so hopefully on a weekly bases!

Also, like with Chronos, I'll try to include more historically accurate events, which may involve skewing the game timeline. However, because this story is officially an alternate universe, I'm more willing to fudge things, but correct me if I get something that actually happened wrong!

And with that all said, enjoy Assassin's Creed: Chronos_Retribution!


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