*Previously known as It's Gotta Be You (Harry)* Hate. Everyone has their loves and hates, right? Brooklyn Parker HATES Harry Styles with her entire soul. She didn't need a reason to hate him, it was an automatic response when she saw his face. Sadly for her, things were going to get tough. Harry Styles is upset that Louis Tomlinson, his best friend, is going to get married. He feels as if they were going to drift apart and eventually, he'd be forgotten. So when the management calls and Harry does something incredibly stupid and runs away he bumps into Brooklyn. She tells him off, screaming but in the heat of the moment, Harry grabs her, gets into the tour bus and drives off. The road for the both would be tough, but when they start falling for each other, maybe it would be a good thing after all.
My friends name is brooklyn, but she's obsessed with one direction, wait till she sees this
I love your story I hope u read mine its called road trio its about one direction too
@Ligialoves1D haha! Thank you for the advice :) I feel more comfortable in third person actually but there's more to come for me so I'll see which ends up better :) Thank you!
Can I just ask....Urm..where are they right now ???...Home ?
I'm putting my review on your first chapter! I first of all want to say very few stories I really love on here, and I have to say yours is in that category! It's just so realistic, and I absolutely love Brooklyn's character! I hope you write more stories after this<3