The Pastry Chef | ✔

The Pastry Chef | ✔

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Snigdha Phatak By veronica-h Updated Jun 17, 2018

Samuel Keller met her on a four-day cruise. Four days where they dressed up and pretended to be people they weren't. When the cruise came to an end, they promised to meet in exactly six months on the Liberty Island. But she didn't come.

To forget the pain of losing what could have possibly been his best relationship, Sam dedicates himself to his cafe -- The Pastry Corner.

Now, two years later, as he helps his girlfriend move into her new apartment, he finally finds her. He's sure that his feelings have died in the time they spent away. Then why does his heart race every time she's near? 

Samuel is pained to see her, but what hurts more is that she refuses to tell him why she didn't come; or worse - why she denies there was something between them?

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Sim-AntinI Sim-AntinI Mar 19, 2018
i like this idea  a lot. I think with the influx of stories written by and for teenagers, this would open you up to exploring the characters a lot more that the usual teen/early tween age bracket.
Michael-Sorbello Michael-Sorbello Nov 05, 2018
I agree, so long as it isn't forced by the other person. It should be natural.
Michael-Sorbello Michael-Sorbello Nov 05, 2018
Writing out of your comfort zone can amount to some pretty amazing results sometimes.