Off Script

Off Script

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EHH?! By ehkilis Updated Aug 24

Liu Jian was bound to a system. He cursed whoever did this to him as he traversed from world to world, completing missions, gaining points and learning more about his first life than he ever could before.

System: Host, please lie down, should not get up so quickly.

Liu Jian: Damn system, why did you pull me out of the world? I was close to completing!

System: Protagonists died, mission invalid.

Liu Jian: ... They were alive and well, what nonsense-

System: System wants to ask, Host what would you like to do now? Stay for a while or go to the next world?

Previously: Every End Leads to Nowhere

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Really.... Why did you make me cry on the FIRST CHAPTER! Waaaaaaah!
Now this is worthy of tears 😢 😭 
                              Not betrayal but mistunderstood love/care/feelings.
I like stories like this. One that makes me cry without hating. Just simply crying.
                              *cough* ehem Im just stalker passing through 
                              Just in case anyone wants to copy and paste it. 
                              Just in case anyone wants to copy and paste it.