Off Script

Off Script

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ehki By ehkilis Updated Mar 31

Liu Jian was bound to a system. He cursed whoever did this to him as he traversed from world to world, completing missions, gaining points and learning more about his first life than he ever could before.

System: Host, please lie down, should not get up so quickly.

Liu Jian: Damn system, why did you pull me out of the world? I was close to completing!

System: Protagonists died, mission invalid.

Liu Jian: ... They were alive and well, what nonsense-

System: System wants to ask, Host what would you like to do now? Stay for a while or go to the next world?

Name Change: Use to be Every End Leads to Nowhere

Started [2/22]; In fantasy: #160 [3/14], #124 [3/15], #85 [3/17], #79 [3/19], #76 [3/20], #75 [3/22], #72 [3/23], #54 [3/25]

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bagdog_ra bagdog_ra Mar 07
Wahhhwahhh u really know how to make a fragile heart cry 😭 
                              Just in case anyone wants to copy and paste it. 
                              Just in case anyone wants to copy and paste it.
LukaNixX LukaNixX Apr 15
I started crying from just this one small chapter, am I just a crybaby? 😔 Even if he made the memories up, I’m glad he was able to pass on.
mlakri42 mlakri42 Mar 07
I'm crying on the bus because of you 
                              People are looking at me weirdly 
                              Anyway I LOVE THIS STORY !!!
bagdog_ra bagdog_ra Mar 07
Really a scumbag!!! It’s not the fault of the aftercause but the one who did