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Fifteen Hot Guys in Speedos

Fifteen Hot Guys in Speedos

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Kaitlin By dizzykcovy Updated Jul 16, 2016

Dana isn't your normal, everyday teenage girl.  Instead of mini skirts and platform stilettos, she's content with her band shirts and skinny jeans.  She'd take a carton of eggs and some food dye over lip gloss and mascara any day.  Unfortunately for her, her worst nightmare has come true.  In order to make up her P.E. credits to graduate, she is forced to help the boys water polo team.  With a few harsh words, arguments and fun nights out, she managed to make a new boyfriend along with a new enemy, both the co-captains of the team.

mimififi68 mimififi68 Apr 03, 2016
Hastily and quickly are synonyms so both of those words don't need to be included in that sentence.
No my cousin used to have a tarantula named harry and when I asked why he was like " harry is an ugly name and this is one ugly spider so they go together" and that spider still freaks me out
MumblePenguin01 MumblePenguin01 Nov 11, 2016
Good song choice... followed by something I have done so many times!! Lol.
hazel_eyesdezaray1 hazel_eyesdezaray1 Nov 11, 2016
They're not your real friends If they don't take the blame with you and if the participate and they don't get in trouble but you do.
PlayWithFire PlayWithFire May 26, 2016
I'm pretty sure this is B&E which is ILEGAL😂 her army dad of all people should know that
beckyc_12 beckyc_12 Mar 19, 2016
What is she in the fourth grade?
                              Who learns the lowest common denominator in high school ????