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America's Sweetheart

America's Sweetheart

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SweetAngelz77 By SweetAngelz77 Updated Feb 23, 2011

Stella Martin is Hollywood's richest, most famous teen celebrity. Her title has always been "America's sweetheart - the girl that can do no wrong!", and Stella has always lived up to the title. But when her so-called best friend Natalie Greene, another fellow celebrity, ruins her image and gifts her the title of, "the crazy, out-of-control lunatic bound to head for rehab", Stella crumbles as the whole world suddenly views her like that. Worst of all, no one (except for Stella's close family and friends, including her manager RJ, agent Mickey and publicist Sandra) knows that Natalie is the crazy one, and Stella innocent. Will Stella be able to save her image and make it out of the Hollywood roller coaster alive? Moreover, can she ever trust anyone again, especially after Natalie proved to be such a backstabbing, lying friend? As this American sweetheart experiences the ups and downs of celebrity life, she learns to live, love and laugh, even after her heart is broken multiple times, by multiple people; and even when it sometimes seems that there is really no chance for her to live through Hollywood successfully.
Join Stella on her epic journey through the joys and tears of being the most famous and richest teenager alive!

Vulpixilate Vulpixilate Jun 19, 2011
AW! You haven't uploaded in forever! I love this story, please?
                              ~Ruby The Crazy Purple Banana Monkey
SweetAngelz77 SweetAngelz77 Feb 28, 2011
@Ruby_theCrazy aw wow, really? I'm flattered!
                              ahha well, it's okay, you can rant to me , i don't mind =]
                              no problem!
QueenMorgan QueenMorgan Feb 24, 2011
I like this so far! You should definitely continue on with it! :)
SweetAngelz77 SweetAngelz77 Feb 22, 2011
@Ruby_theCrazy aw well, I just told you what I thought truthfully xD
                              LOL it's okay, I like listening to people :)
                              Hmmm, I do say it; but I'm not obsessed with the word or anything.
                              I live in Ontario, Toronto too :)
                              I can't see the CN Tower however :P
SweetAngelz77 SweetAngelz77 Feb 22, 2011
@Ruby_theCrazy wow, that's actually pretty deep! dw, i understand you!
                              its okay, we're all good at different things:) 
                              no problem, i don't mind listening to you!
                              thank youuuuuuuuu<3 like i said, that means  lot! and hopefully i will!
Vulpixilate Vulpixilate Feb 21, 2011
yeah dude!, your writing style seems pretty awesome, you should become a journalist. Never mind, I'm going off kilter here. You should definitely continue, you have this sarcastic spark of humor that seems to be missing these days.
                              Keep up the great work!
                              ~Ruby The Crazy Purple Banana Monkey