Unfortunately Gifted

Unfortunately Gifted

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AKHbooks22 By AKHbooks22 Updated Dec 12, 2019

Being able to fly, shoot lightning from your hands, lift five times your waight. Sounds like the average teens dream right? Well, not for Tim, because when he aquired his powers. It wasn't from being in a chimical spill, it wasn't from inventing some type of gene modifier, no, he decided to stick his finger in a light socket.

Why did Tim do this you ask? The answer is simple... he's an idiot.

Hello! This is my new book Unfortunately Gifted! Hope you all enjoy the unfortunately unlucky edventures of Tim and his new found abilities. 

"Shout out to "Nightstand" for giving me the motivation I need to continue this book. He too has amazing books, so go check them out!"