Awaken (TVD Fanfic)

Awaken (TVD Fanfic)

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Tash By nxlasha Updated Feb 26, 2015

Annastasia Mikealson.

Sibling to Freya, Finn, Elijah, Kol, Rebekah and Henrik Mikealson. Twin sister to Niklaus Mikealson.

She was well known in the 1400's where she was identified as the dark, dangerous and destructive hybrid. Killing was her first instinct, it felt natural to her. To feel the warm blood of her dead victim on her fingers, to savour the taste of the unfortunate victim. 

But when she fell in love, no longer was there a bloodthirsty killer but a girl who could control her blood lust. But when her one true love sacrifices himself, she returns to her merciless and vicious self. Memories haunting her each day on the death of her love.
She turns to her older brother in seek of help.

Niklaus could not handle seeing his little sister so weak and broken, so he stabs her cold heart with a dagger. 

With a tear stained cheek, he kisses hers, promising that she will once revive.

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