Always The Best Friend, Never The Girlfriend

Always The Best Friend, Never The Girlfriend

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Shorty ❤ By notjustarandomgirl Updated Mar 19, 2016

Friendship is the foundation to every relationship.

But isn't the friendship the reason as to why we're afraid to enter into a relationship?

Somehow, we're satisfied to be the forever best friend than to risk everything and be the uncertain girlfriend.

That's the reason why I'm...

Always the bestfriend, never the girlfriend.

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- - Jun 05, 2017
Again, I have to agree with that. Some friendships break, because one of them wants more than a friendship...
mathonnhonest mathonnhonest Aug 22, 2017
I've downloaded radish but even there you are not downloading
nandikaSumoreeah nandikaSumoreeah Dec 07, 2016
And I made the dumbest mistake to tell him ily 😒 he rejected the love and we remained best friend...he got a girlfriend and I remained "miss best friend" 😶
GoddessOfGhosts GoddessOfGhosts Dec 02, 2016
I started dating my best friend and we haven't talked in 2 years...
Ownatic13 Ownatic13 Jul 26, 2016
                              UGH all these fictional characters complaining about their fictional lives like
Seventeen_17_17 Seventeen_17_17 Aug 21, 2016
that's my nameeeeee. @notjustarandomgirl thank you for putting my name into your storyyyy. Love itttttt